Compare the Genesis G80 to the BMW 5 Series

Highlighting Why Drivers Around Chicago May Enjoy the Genesis G80 More Than the BMW 5 Series Luxury Sedan

We're proud to carry the models of one of the newest luxury vehicle brands, and many drivers around us are seeing how the Genesis models are revolutionizing their segments. We believe that our offers like the Genesis G80 compare favorably with the models of brands that have dominated the luxury vehicle category, like the BMW 5 Series, and we're ready to prove it.

Below car shoppers near Wheaton, IL that want rides filled with high-end materials, powerful engines, and modern tech will see how these two luxury sedans stack up with each other. Have questions? Feel free to call or visit our Genesis dealership today!


After adding all the bells and whistles to luxury sedans, car shoppers can be looking at a hefty price tag, but the Genesis G80 is competitively priced, especially when compared to the BMW 5 Series. Its MSRP is over $10,000 lower, yet it comes with a better package of standard features than what Naperville car shoppers will find in the 5 Series. Plus, a new G80 comes with two warranties that both cover your luxury sedan for longer than the lone warranty that a new BMW comes with.

Cabin Design and Comfort

As a cabin is where you'll spend most of your time enjoying your new sedan, it is important to make sure that every passenger has the space and comfort features they covet. Well, the G80 has the larger cabin, and you'll notice that especially in the legroom for the driver, headroom for each row, and width of the rear seat, which is especially important if transporting five passengers.

Taking luxury to another level in the G80 is a variety of features to ensure you're in just the right position and state of mind for your drive. It offers heated seats for both rows while the 5 Series only has them for the front, and the G80 also offers ventilated front seats that keep your leather seats from getting hot in the summer. The 5 Series does not offer ventilation for the seats. Plus, the driver will have more ways to adjust their seat in the G80 to help them get into position for driving.

Performance and Engine Options

Regarding comfortable rides, the frame and engineering are just as important as cabin space and feel, and the Genesis G80 has the high-strength frame, smooth-shifting transmission, and driving dynamics to ensure comfort when on the go. Its use of sound-deadening materials also make for a quieter cabin than the BMW 5 Series even though the G80 has more powerful engines.

Speaking of those engines, the G80 has three that outperform their non-M Performance BMW counterparts, so you can sit on the edge of your cozy seat when looking for excitement. It starts with the standard V6 engine of the G80, which has more horsepower and torque than the standard four-cylinder of the 5 Series. But, if you're really looking for power to get you going, the 5.0-liter V8 engine of the G80 with 420 horsepower blows by the 335-horsepower V6 of the 5 Series. And, these Genesis engines run on regular gas while the BMW requires premium. Whether it's cruising, accelerating quickly, or at the pump, the G80 will make drivers happier than the 5 Series.



Driver-assist safety features are one of the newer automotive innovations, and the G80 is ready to show them off. These technologies help drivers know their consistently changing surroundings better so that they don't switch lanes into a car in their blind spot or back up into an approaching vehicle, and many are standard on the G80 but not the 5 Series. Standard G80 safety features include everything from smart cruise control with stop and go to lane keep assist to rain-sensing wipers, which all cost extra on a 5 Series. It's part of the reason why every Genesis G80 has been a Top Safety Pick+ of the IIHS for their model year, which is another accolade the 5 Series can't claim.


Speaking of innovation, the Genesis G80 has even more to offer, and, again, the BMW 5 Series struggles to keep up. Smartphone-focused features are a must-have for many drivers, and the G80 comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to let you safely use your phone through the in-dash display. The BMW 5 Series only offers Apple CarPlay, and even then it makes you pay a yearly fee for it. Using your phone for listening to music or a podcast? Only the G80 comes with Clari-Fi™ tech that makes for crystal-clear notes.

The Staff at Our Dealership Near Aurora, IL Make Owning a Genesis Model an Even Better Experience!

As you can see, the new Genesis G80 is already shaking up the luxury sedan segment as it goes toe-to-toe with what was once the gold standard of the class. Interested car shoppers will find the G80 and the other exquisite Genesis models right here in North Aurora, and our staff can tell you all about them. We pride ourselves on the friendly, pressure-free atmosphere of our dealership, which helps customers feel more about easy about what is a big decision. Plus, we have finance experts and skilled technicians to help with other parts of buying and owning a luxury model. Call, email, or visit us today to see how we can help you!

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