Compare Genesis G90 to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Where does the Genesis G90 Stand Against the Top Luxury Competition? Gerald Genesis is Here to Investigate!


Genesis sedans are gaining a prestigious reputation throughout the country as these luxury sedans go well above and beyond that of the average luxury model: the all-new Genesis G90 is one of the best examples of this prestige. While this luxury sedan has a lot of great style, enhanced technology, and an all-around memorable driving experience to offer, you might not know that it brings a lot of high-rated safety and convenience to the table as well. The Genesis G90 offers more than just a fun-filled drive, it offers the experience of a lifetime, making even the simplest of drives all the more adrenaline-filled and exciting.

Genesis G90 vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class

  • While budgets may vary from customer to customer, the Genesis G90 begins at the more modest starting price of $68,350, which does not increase by much as most additional technological conveniences come standard on this base trim level. Meanwhile, the Mercedes-Benz S Class begins at $91,250, which is almost $23,000 more than the G90; this number only increases the more technological amenities the sedan is equipped with.
  • Commuting to and from Wheaton during the summer can be tricky, which is why you need the best technology to help take on the cold easily, so your luxury sedan does not suit in the driveway warming up for so long. The G90 gives you just the convenience you need during the winter months with a windshield wiper de-icer, which is a heating element located below the wipers on the outside windshield glass. This feature is standard fare on the Genesis G90 but is unavailable on the Mercedes-bens S Class.
  • While both of these luxury sedan models feature V6 engines underneath their hoods, you might find the Genesis G80 brings out the more robust performance with higher amounts of torque generated upon acceleration as well as a higher generated horsepower output overall, over that of the Mercedes-Benz S Class. Additionally, the Genesis G90 can hold more fuel in its tank than that of the S Class, making this Genesis sedan both powerful and fuel efficient in variety of ways.
  • While the Genesis G90 is relatively new to the luxury sedan lineup, it already has received high accolades for its safety from well-known new car assessment programs (NCAPs) in the United States. The 2018 G90 is a Top Safety Pick+ by the insurance Institute for Highway Safety as it received the highest ratings in most categories. Whereas, the Mercedes-Benz S Class has not received any accolades from this NCAP in its history.
  • When you step inside the Genesis G90 you will be greeted to a lot more interior space as the a higher passenger volume and about 46 inches of legroom up front for you and your copilot to enjoy when heading downtown to Chicago. The S Class offers about 41 inches of legroom to offer and its total passenger volume is unlisted.
  • In addition to its spacious interior room for passengers, the G90 also has a great deal of available trunk space with 16 cubic feet to offer you in its tailgate. While Mercedes-Benz sedans often have a lot of trunk space to offer, the S Class sedan falls short with 12 cubic feet. N When you're driving with a lot of luggage to Aurora, you will notice the difference that these missing cubic feet make.
  • While both of these sedans feature a high-tech sound system with lots of options for music, we here at Gerald Genesis know some of you might still enjoy the rich sound quality of your CDs, or even a good audiobook, which is why the Genesis features a CD player as well. This option might be available to add on the S Class, but it will likely involve an extra fee.
  • Finally, the Genesis Experience provides you with more warranty coverage than you will find from other luxury brands, including Mercedes-Benz. The Basic Warranty, provided by Genesis, covers your G90 for 60 months or 60,000 miles (whichever occurs first); its Powertrain Warranty covers engine/transmission components for 120 months of 100,000 miles and their Corrosion Perforation Warranty covers the undercarriage from rust perforation for 84 months with no mileage restrictions. Mercedes-Benz provides all three of these warranties for the S Class, but they all cover the sedan for the same duration: 48 months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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If you want to enjoy a lot more for a lot less in your next luxury sedan, then the Mercedes-Benz S Class is the right move for you. Be sure to check out our monthly new vehicle specials and, if you would like to know more about the Genesis G90, feel free to schedule a test drive by calling our sales team or reaching out to us here online! Our dealership is located right here in North Aurora, IL at 290 Hansen Boulevard.

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