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Ready to Trade In & Trade Up to Something Better? Our Online Appraisal Tool Can Help!

When you decide to buy a new luxury executive sedan like the Genesis G80 or G90, you're certainly upgrading, but what about your old car? It can serve you well, even as it leaves you; buying a new Genesis G80 or G90 is the perfect opportunity to trade your current vehicle in as value to put toward the purchase of you new one. Take advantage of this convenient online appraisal tool to determine the fair market value for your vehicle, and when you get your quote, simply bring it to us at Gerald Genesis to redeem it or put the value toward your next new Genesis model.

Our Online Trade-in Tool is Fast, Easy, & Convenient:

The tool is pretty straight forward to use: start by telling us about your current vehicle, noting its make, model, year, trim level, and body style (or you can skip the nitty gritty details and just input your VIN). Next, you'll input the mileage and state of registration, then things get a bit more specific; you'll be asked to describe the condition of your vehicle with a series of Yes/No questions geared at assessing the overall value of the vehicle. Once that step is cleared, you'll move onto the history of your current vehicle and another short round of Yes/No questions. After that, you'll get your instant appraisal estimate. Simple as that! When you get your calculated value, you can use it with our online financing application.

What Are the Benefits of Trading My Vehicle In When I Buy?

The benefit of trading in your current vehicle might seem obvious and singular, but there are a quite a few reasons trading-in and trading-up makes perfect sense:

  • No Fielding Potential Buyers, No One Haggling With You: When you sell your vehicle to a private buyer, you'll have to deal with listing it, fielding calls or emails from interested buyers, and then negotiate the actual sale process. Folks might try to haggle with you, and after you do sell it, there's always the lingering worry that an unhappy buyer might come back to you with a question, problem, or worse, wanting to go back on the sale. When you trade your vehicle in at the dealership, you're only working with us! We won't get buyer's remorse, and we'll give you a fair market value for your vehicle. It's much easier and less stressful than selling privately.
  • It Can Lower Your Purchase Price: When you own the vehicle you want to trade in, the value of that trade in can be applied toward the purchase price of the Genesis vehicle you're upgrading to, which means you won't have to finance as much of the overall price.
  • Potential Tax Advantage:Most states apply sales tax only to the price you're paying-meaning the difference between the MSRP and the value of your down payment + trade-in value-which means you could end up paying less tax on the vehicle by applying your trade-in value to the cost of purchase, as opposed to selling the vehicle separately, in which case the value wouldn't lower the purchase price of your new Genesis model, and you'd be paying tax on a higher number.

Alright, I'm Ready to Upgrade to Something Better & I Want to Trade In My Current Vehicle, What Are the Next Steps?

Well, the first step is checking out our new models and finding the right model, trim, and arrangement of features to match your personality. From there, you'll probably want to utilize this trade-in appraisal tool to determine a fair market value for your current vehicle. After that, you can apply for financing online or come into the showroom to work out the details in person.

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